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Hello all — Frank here.  I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for visiting my site.  Bananas Fattening Truths is dedicated to provide sensible, useful information about foods and their impact on the body.

Who am I?

My name is Frank Billings and I am a computer programmer by trade.  As part of my job I sit for long periods of time.  As you may know, this is actually quite hard on your body.  As I got a bit older I put on a few pounds a year and before I knew it, I was suffering from dunlap’s disease (my belly done lapped over my belt) :-)

I decided to turn over a new leaf and figure out how to get healthy and stay that way.  So, I did what any programmer would do – I went to the Internet.  There was a lot to learn…

Why did I create a site about bananas being fattening?

Well, the short answer is that during my journey from an overweight lethargic computer programmer to a reasonably fit active computer programmer, I came across a lot of “information” that was just plain wrong.  So, I created this site to correct some of the misconceptions about food and exercise.

As I searched around the Net I came across a bunch of people who thought they could get fat from eating bananas.  I discovered that, due to mis-information, bananas and other foods I love were getting a bad wrap!  So, I want to clear this up.

I hope you enjoy the site and thanks again for visiting.

— Frank



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